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  1. (I’m not expecting you guys to reply to this but…who cares)

    Greeting from Germany to you guys!!!!

    I have watched Touhou M-1 Grand Prix with my friends and they all love it. The humor is great indeed xD. I even recommend some of my classmates who do not know what Touhou is (Please understand that Touhou is still being overshadowed by big games in Europe, kinda sad). Well, rather than a contact e-mails this is more like a fan mail (Please don’t kill me). Me and my friends hope that you guys continue making lots of great Touhou M-1 Grand Prix skits for the fan inside and outside of Japan.

    PS: I really want a song battle between Seiga and Kasen(Bakusen Nyan Nyan) vs Kanako and Suwako (Moriya Kero) vs Shikieiki and Komachi(Binary Drop). This will be pure gold.
    Ok, I really hope you guys won’t mark this as spam ;_;

    Well then, good bye! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!


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